Email Interview (10/30/19)

Q. What were the main things about the attacker that still stand out to you today?

A. what he was wearing,the white circle with a cross on it also how he had a bit of a stomach he wasn’t fat but wasn’t skinny either.

Q. Was there anything you thought of after the police interviewed you that you didn’t think of at the time you were being interviewed?

A. there may have been a couple things i thought of that i said to the police after they interviewed me the first time but i don’t remember everything anymore with age and what happened i look at the bright side of things now.

Q. When you went out to the lake were you hoping to rekindle your relationship with Cecilia?

A. i loved Cecilia and yes i was hoping we could rekindle our love for each other and you know maybe we would’ve got married and had kids.funny thing is about i say 20 minutes before the attack Cecilia asked me what i thought about having kids.no one knew this and this is the first time i actually say anything about it.

Q. At what point in the attack did you realize things were past the point of no return?

A. i realized once Cecilia tied me loose then Zodiac came to tie my arms tighter i knew this isn’t a game anymore.

Q. Is there anything that you think you or Cecilia could have done differently after the man approached that would have changed the outcome?

A. i wish i would’ve listened to Cecilia.when she noticed the man coming towards us and kept hiding behind different trees i shouldve clued in something wasn’t right but i didn’t listen to my gut instinct and thanks to me Cecilia is dead today.

Q. When you realized that Cecilia had tied your hands loose, did you start to plan some kind of counter or was it too late by the time you realized he was going to try to kill you?

A. no my plan was to make small talk to see if i could use something to calm him down that was my only real plan.i mean most of us wouldn’t have a real chance against anyone with a gun.

Q. Who is your main suspect?

A. yes sir i do have 1 if there was to be one i will tell you my answer who i think it is when i answer your great questions about the voice

Q. I know the event must have changed your life in many negative ways, but is there anything positive you’ve been able to find that came from it?

A. only 2 things that i think that’s positive is that i made it alive and more importantly i hope it gives victims of horrible crimes to not give up and be smart and don’t just go full throttle so to speak.

Q. Have you ever heard the voices of any of the main suspects? If so, did any of them sound like the attacker?

A. yes i heard Richard Gaikowski,Lawrence Kane,Arthur Allen and a sleuth of others that aren’t on people’s favourite suspects but the only one that had the closest and i mean a 97% sound alike is Richard Gaikowski he had not a accent but a cadence to his voice like a precise to his voice if that makes sense.

Q. Have you been in contact with any of the other victims or first responders?

A. i talked to Michael a very long time ago but nothing and no i don’t keep in contact with first responders.

Q. Is there anything you want to say to the folks out there reading or listening to this interview?

A. thank you Destry for this opportunity and thanks to everyone all these years that are taking this serious and trying to solve it in a adult manner.

Q. (Sharon Rovansek) My question would be: I’ve read on various message boards that you were taken to see ALA and that you said he looked nothing like the person who attacked you. Is that true? And have you ever heard his voice via a tape recording or otherwise? If so, what were your impressions?

And if I could get a second question, I’d ask: do you have any sense of what the costume worn at LB that day was made of? Such as cotton or something heavier like canvas or even oilcloth?

A. i never went to see any suspects intentionally i may of crossed path with him down the street but not taken to him or anything like that.yes i heard Allen’s voice and it didn’t sound absolutely nothing like Allen. honestly i was too busy worrying trying to get Cecilia and i out alive i never really paid attention to what type of material he wore.thank you for the question.

Q. (James Cook) Ask him was Zodiac shaking. Or kind of act as if all of that wasn’t comfortable.

A. (no response)

Q. (Thomas Esteves): Please also ask (and of course OK that he does not disclose) if there was any detail he had been told to never share as it could be a smoking gun? Every case has that of which they never share a crucial piece. Then again, I wonder if he would even want to say yay or nay to that.

Oh yes, and please ask him about his car being disabled that morning?

A. my car was working fine that day.Thanks for the question

Q. (Kyle Jacobson) Thanks for asking, Destry. I’d ask Bryan if he thought the distinctive drawl he attributed to Zodiac might have been the vestige of a regional accent. Or — given that nobody else who is known to have spoken to Zodiac recognized such a drawl — does he think it might have been an affectation, like Zodiac’s claim to being a prison escapee (or the odd gate he exhibited on Jackson Street when Fouke & Zelms neared)?

A. honestly i don’t think it was a religion or anything that symbol but who really knows with the suspect though he was twisted.the whole prison thing i think he was just bullshitting.thanks for the question.