The Zodiac Victims

Although the Zodiac claimed 37, there were only 7 official victims. May they rest in peace.

Betty Lou Jensen & David Faraday

December 20th, 1968
Lake Herman Rd.

Darlene Ferrin & Mike Mageau

July 4th, 1969
Blue Rock Springs Park

Cecelia Shepard & Bryan Hartnell

Sep 27th, 1969
Lake Berryessa

Paul Stine

October 11th, 1969
Washington and Cherry Streets

The Suspects

There are thousands of people that have been reported as being the Zodiac Killer. We will be focusing on a handful of main suspects.

Lawrence Kane

Ross Sullivan

Arthur Leigh Allen

Richard Gaikowski

In Loving Memory
1933 – 2009

Detective Harvey Hines

For more than 30 years, my father pursued the Zodiac Killer. His dedication inspired this website and our podcasts. We hope to do his work justice.

Loving Family Man

His children all loved him and miss him dearly. He made us better people, and showed us the wisdom of being one of the good guys.

Dedicated Police Officer

He was one of the most honest, honorable and dedicated police officers out there. He was respected by the community and his fellow officers.

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